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10 adjectives to know to have a good French


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Get to know these 10 adjectives to have a good French

If you are here is that you want to learn and improve your French, well done!
That’s a great idea 😀

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Here they are: 10 adjectives to know to have a good French!


Je suis affamé.
I’m starving.


C’est un beau tableau.
It’s a beautiful picture.


C’est très bruyant.
It’s very noisy.


Il fait chaud.
It’s hot.
It’s warm.


Il est célèbre.
He’s famous.


Cette route est dengereuse.
This road is dangerous.


C’est facile de parler français.
It's easy to speak French.


C’est un endroit calme.
It’s a calm place.


Elles sont généreuses.
They are generous.


Il est inquiet.
He is worried.


Did you manage to pronounce those words properly? 

Thomas, your French teacher 😀


How to pronounce French words?


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