French questions

Do you have any questions about the FRENCH language?

Do you have any questions about the French language?

If you are here is that you want to learn and improve your French, well done!
That’s a great idea 😀

This is a space for you guys, to say whatever you want.

Please, feel free to tell me everything you want:

  • Any reviews on the 100 everyday life FRENCH phrases?
  • Anything to say about the articles I send to you every weeks?
  • Any request?
  • Any comment?

Feel free to ask me any questions you want, so I can meet your needs.

1 - What do you need to know to improve your French?

  • Grammar?
  • Conjugation?
  • Speaking, pronunciation?
  • Writing?
  • French culture?

2 - Do you have any idea of the way you prefer to study all those subjects:

  • Articles?
  • Videos in which I speak in English?
  • Videos in which I speak in French?
  • French Podcasts?

I’ll publish this every 2 weeks. Tell me if it’s too much for you. In that case, please, let me know how many times is suitable for you?

Thomas, your French teacher 😀

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