French bakery

French bakery

French bakery : croissant, pain au chocolat,...

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Do you know this French bakery?

La tarte au citron

The lemon pie is a sweet pie filled with lemon cream. It doesn’t include any fruit. The cream is a mixture of eggs, sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest.

Est-ce qu’il vous reste une tarte au citron ?
Do you have any lemon pie left?

La tarte aux fraises

La tarte aux fraises is a must-have French pastry made with shortcrust pastry and strawberries cut into pieces.

J’ai envie de manger une tarte aux fraises.
I feel like eating a strawberry pie.

L’éclair au chocolat

This is a French pastry made of chou pastry filled with chocolate cream, with a glaze on top.

J’ai mangé beaucoup d’éclairs au chocolat quand j’étais enfant.
I ate a lot of chocolate eclairs when I was a kid.

La religieuse

This is a pastry made of a big chou filled with custard, topped with a smaller chou which is also filled.

La religieuse est ma pâtisserie préférée.
The religieuse is my favorite pastry.

Le Paris-Brest

It is made of a crunchy chou pastry filled with a coffee cream, sprinkled with flaked almonds.

Le Paris-Brest est une pâtisserie française très connu dans le monde entier.
The Paris-Brest is a French pastry very famous all over the world.

Le croissant

One of the most famous pastry.

Un croissant au beurre au petit-déjeuner, c’est génial.
A butter croissant for breakfast is a amazing.

Le chausson aux pommes (apple turnover)

It’s a pastry based on puff pastry of semi-circular shape, containing the same type of filling as the apple pie, and it is best eaten hot.

Je mange un chausson aux pommes par semaine.
I eat one apple turnover a week.

Le pain au chocolat

One of the most famous pastry.

C’est sur que tu vas aimer le pain au chocolat.
You're sure to love the pain au chocolat.

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