French conjugation

French conjugation – Quiz 1

Hey, here we go for the French conjugation!

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French conjugation – Quiz 1


A - What is the correct answer?

  1. J’apele
  2. J’appelle
  3. J’apelle
  4. J’appele

B - What is the correct answer?

  1. Va’t-en
  2. Vas-t’en
  3. Va-t’en
  4. Va-t-en

C - What is the correct answer?

  1. Il résout
  2. Il résolut
  3. Il résolvera
  4. Il résoudra

D - Which verb is not conjugated in the future tense?

  1. Nous dirons
  2. Nous courons
  3. Nous vendrons
  4. Nous pourrons

E - Which verb is not a 2nd group verb?

  1. Choisir
  2. Grandir
  3. Partir
  4. Finir

F - What is the correct answer?

  1. J’envoierai
  2. J’enverrai
  3. J’enverai
  4. J’envoyerai

G - What is the correct answer?
Cet homme ... la cour.

  1. Nettoi
  2. Nettoit
  3. Nettoie
  4. Nettoye

H - What is the correct tense for je courrais?

  1. Past tense (imparfait)
  2. Future
  3. Conditional
  4. Sunjunctive

I - At the present tense, which verb has the ending letter t at the 3rd person of the singular?

  1. Parler
  2. Vendre
  3. Prendre
  4. Peindre

J - What is the verb which is not conjugated in the past tense (imparfait)?

  1. Il parassait
  2. Il prenait
  3. Il mourrait
  4. Il devait


Ex : J’appelle ma soeur
I am calling my sister

The verbs appeler and jeter double the letter l or the letter t before the silent e.

Ex : Va-t’en ! Je ne veux plus te voir !
Go away! I don't want to see you anymore!

In the affirmative imperative, the structure is: verb + pronoun.

Ex : Il résoudra le problème rapidement.
He will solve the problem quickly.

Courons is conjugated in the present tense.
Courrons is conjugated in the futur tense.

Ex : Nous courons vers la sortie.
We are running toward the exit.

Ex : Nous courrons ensemble demain, pour le plaisir.
We will run together tomorrow, for fun.

Ex : Partir au Sahara
Going to the Sahara

Partir is a 3rd group verb.
You can know if a verb is a 2nd group verbs with this: if the present participle is -issant so it’s a 2nd group verbs.

Here are some examples of 2nd group verbs:
Choisir → choisissant
Grandir → grandissant
Finir → finissant

Ex : J’enverrai une lettre à mes parents.
I will send a letter to my parents.

When we conjugate a verb in -er in the future tense, we keep the infinitive and add the endings: ai, as, a, ons, ez, ont.
The verb envoyer is an irregular verb, so we write it with a double r.
Tu enverras
Il/elle enverra
Nous enverrons
Vous enverrez
Ils/elles enverront

Ex : Cet homme nettoie la cour.
This man is cleaning the yard.

For the verbs that ends with –oyer, the letter y becomes i before a silent e.
Je nettoie
Tu nettoies
Il nettoie
Nous nettoyons
Vous nettoyez
Ils nettoient

Ex : Je courrais si le chien m’avait menacé.
I would run if the dog threatened me.

In the future and conditional tenses, the verbs that take a double r are: courir, mourir, pouvoir, voir et envoyer.  

Ex : Il peint dans son atelier.
He is painting in his studio.

The verb with the ending -dre: they keep the ending letter d at the 3rd person of the singular.   
Ex : Vendre (to sell) → il vend
Prendre (to take) → il prend

The verb with the ending -indre: they have the ending letter t at the 3rd person of the singular.   
Ex : Craindre (to fear) → il craint
Rejoindre (to join) → il rejoint

Il mourrait = conditional present tense.

The verb mourir (to die) conjugated in the past tense (imparfait):
Je mourais
Tu mourais
Il/elle mourait
Nous mourions
Vous mouriez

Ils mouraient

Do you have a better understanding of the French conjugation, now? 

Thomas, your French teacher 😀 


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