no in French

3 ways to say NO in French!

How to say NO in French?


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Do yo know how to say NO in French? No? Let's see it together!

1- Non - No

Ex : ça te dérange ?
Non, non c’est ok comme ça.

Does it bother you?
No, no it is ok like this.

2 - Nan - No

Ex : Tu veux aller regarder un film au cinéma ?
Nan !

Do you want to go to watch a film at the cinema?

3 - Jamais - Never

Ex : Tu as dèjà mangé du couscous ?
Jamais, j’ai pas envie (je n’ai pas envie).

Have you ever eaten couscous?
Never, I don’t want to.

Which way do you prefer?
Thomas, your French teacher 😀


French expression: un coup de pouce


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