colloquial french expressions

4 colloquial FRENCH expressions used by native francophones

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In this article, you are going to learn 4 colloquial FRENCH expressions that the native French people uses in their daily life. Let’s go !

colloquial french expressions

1 – Etre accro 

It comes from the verb accrocher
Accrocher = to hang / to hook 

Accrocher → accro

  • We use that colloquial French expresions to show that someone is addicted to something : tobacco, alcohol, drugs,…

Il est accro à la cigarette  
He is addicted to cigarettes

Je suis accro à la bière
I am addicted to beer

  • We can use it as well to say « to be passionate about something ».

Elle est accro à la gymnastique
She is addicted to gymnastic

Vous êtes accro à la marche en montagne
You are addicted to mountain walking

  • We can use it as well to say « being in love ».

Il est accro de Natacha
He si in love with Natacha

Elle est accro de Fabrice
She is in love with Fabrice

colloquial french expressions

2 – Il est lourd

Lourd means heavy.

  • But when we say that someone is lourd, it means that he is annoying, he is boring.

Il est lourd, il n’arrête pas de crier
He is annoying, he does not stop screaming

Vous êtes lourds, arrêtez de faire du bruit
You are boring, please, stop making noise

  • We can use it as well when someone makes a bad joke and when he is insisting.

Tu es lourd, arrêtes avec tes blagues !
You are annoying, stop with your jokes !

colloquial french expressions

3 – Etre à la bourre

Etre à la bourre = to be late

Je suis à la bourre
I am late

Vous êtes à la bourre, dépêchez-vous !
You are late, hurry up !

Il est toujours à la bourre quand il va à la piscine
He is always late when he goes to the swimming pool

colloquial french expressions

4 – C’est (du) bidon

This French expression has nothing to do with the word bidon which means « can ».
Un bidon d’essence = a can of gasoline

  • We use that expression c’est bidon or c’est du bidon to say that somemthig is fake, has no value.

Ce que tu dis, c’est du bidon
What you are saying is fake

Je ne te crois pas, ton histoire c’est bidon
I do not believe you, it is fake

I hope you enjoyed to learn these 4 colloquial FRENCH expressions, they will be useful for your next trip to Paris 

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