11 usual FRENCH expressions to use when you feel good or when you are sick

usual FRENCH expressions

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In this article, you are going to learn 11 usual FRENCH expressions to use when you are sick. Let’s go !

1 – Je vais bien = I am doing well

Je vais bien aujourd’hui
I am doing well today

It gives the feeling that you are speaking in a more general way.

2 – Je suis bien = I am well

Je suis bien en ce moment
I am well at the moment

It gives the feeling that you are speaking in a more general way.

3 – Je me sens bien = I feel good

Je me sens bien depuis que j’ai terminé mes examens
I fell good since I am done with my exams

It gives the feeling that you are speaking in a more general way.

4 – Je suis malade = I am sick

Je suis malade depuis Lundi
I am sick since Monday

5 – Je ne vais pas bien = I am unwell

Je ne vais pas bien, j’ai mangé quelque chose de trop gras
I’m not well, I ate something bad

6 – Je suis guéri(e) = I am cured

J’ai eu la grippe, maintenant je suis guéri
I had the flu, I am healed up now

7 – J’ai mal

J’ai mal à la tête
I have a headache

J’ai mal aux pieds
My feet hurt

J’ai mal au ventre
I have a stomachache

8 – J’ai de la fièvre = I have fever

J’ai de la fièvre depuis hier soir
I have had a fever since last night

J’ai 40 de fièvre
I have a fever of 40

9 – J’ai envie de vomir = I want to vomit

J’ai envie de vomir depuis la fin du repas
I want to vomit since the end of the meal

10 – J’ai attrapé froid = I had a cold

J’ai attrapé froid la semaine dernière
I had a cold last week

11 – Je suis fatigué(e) = I am tired

Je suis fatigué après la journée de travail
I’m tired after the day’s work

I hope you enjoyed to learn these 11 usual French expressions, they will be useful for your next trip to Paris 🙂

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