Apporter-Emporter-Amener-Emmener + Exercises

What is the difference between Apporter-Emporter-Amener-Emmener ?

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Subscribers asked me What is the difference between Apporter-Emporter-Amener-Emmener ?




On apporte or On emporte an object, a thing. → We bring or take an object, a thing.

On amène or On emmène a living being (a person, an animal) → We bring or take a living being (a person, an animal)

  • Exception

When we cannot carry what we have to carry we use amener ou emmener.


Une voiture a car

J’amène ou j’emmène une voiture.I bring or take a car.

J’emmène ma voiture au garage.I take my car to the garage.


Apporter and Amener

Apporter and Amener = a movement that ends at the place where we speak.

Example :

Apportez-moi mon dossier.Bring me my file.

The person will bring the file to me, until where I am.

Emporter and Emmener

Emporter and Emmener = to take with me to a different place from where I am when I speak.

The part Em of these words means an outward movement.

Example :

J’emmène ma fille à la piscine.I take my daughter to the pool.

I take my daughter to a different place from where I am now.

J’emporte du vin chez mes amis.I bring wine to my friends.

Another meaning : Bring someone to do something, go to do something with someone.

Example :

I'll take you to dinner at the restaurant.Je vous emmène dîner au restaurant.


Say if the use of Apporter-Emporter-Amener-Emmener is right or wrong.

1 - Je vous amènerai vos affaires ce soir.

I'll bring your things back tonight.

2 - Une pompe apporte l’eau à l’évier.

A pump brings water to the sink.

3 - Les étudiants peuvent apporter leurs ordinateurs en cours de français.

Students can bring their computers into French classes.

4 - J’emmènerai demain la voiture chez le garagiste.

I will take the car tomorrow to the garage.

5 - Veuillez ramener ce formulaire demain.

Please bring this form back tomorrow.

6 - Pouvez-vous m’amener le dossier de ce patient ?

Can you bring me this patient's file?

7 - Je vous apporte ce paquet de la part de Sophie.

I bring you this package from Sophie.

8 - Hey, Julien, tu peux m’apporter mon cahier, s’il te plaît ?

Hey, Julien, can you bring me my notebook, please?

9 - J’emmène mon chien chez le vétérinaire.

I take my dog to the vet.

10 - J’emporte mes affaires dans ma nouvelle maison.

I take my things to my new home.


1 -Wrong

Je vous apporterai vos affaires ce soir.

We use amener for living beings.

2 -Wrong

Une pompe amène l’eau à l’évier.

I use exceptionally the verb amener because even if water is a thing I cannot carry it.

3 - Right

4 - Right

5 - Wrong

Here I have to say veuillez rapporter because I'm talking about a thing (a form)

6 - Wrong

I cannot say amener in this sentence because I'm still talking about one thing, I have to use apporter.

7 - Right

8 - Right

9 - Right

10 - Right

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