11 ways to say “yes” and “no” in FRENCH

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In this article, you are going to learn 11 ways to say "yes" and "no" in FRENCH. Let’s go !


Oui = yes
Thi is formal

You can as well say it two times : oui, oui.
Sometimes native French speakers say it two times.
This is unformal

-Tu veux aller au cinéma cet après-midi ?
Do you want to go to the cinema this afternoon ?
-Oui, Oui oui


OUAI = yes
This is unformal

-On va à la plage ?
We go to the beach ?


Carrément = yes
This is unformal

-Tu veux venir manger chez moi ?
Do you want to come to eat at my place ?


Tout à fait = yes
This is formal

-Vous venez de Belgique ?
You are from Belgium ?
-Tout à fait


Bien sûr = yes
This is formal

-Vous partez en vacances au mois de Juillet ?
Do you go on holidays in July ?
-Bien sûr


Evidemment = yes
This is formal

-Tu n'aimes pas quand il pleut ?
You do not like when it is raining ?


Ok = yes

-On y va ?
Let's go ?


Non = no
This is formal

Est-ce que tu aimes les pâtes ?
Do you like plasta ?


Jamais = no
This is formal

-Tu vas à la piscine de tempd en temps ?
Do you go to the swimming pool every now and then ?


Nan = No
This is unformal

-Tu viens avec nous ?
Do you come with us ?


Pas du tout / = Not at all

-Est-ce que tu as aimé ce film ?
Did you like this movie ?
-Pas du tout

I hope you enjoyed to learn these 11 ways to say "yes" and "no" in FRENCH, they will be useful for your next trip to Paris 🙂

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